College For The Masses By David Leonhardt

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“College for the Masses” by David Leonhardt is a great article that displays the many benefits among lower-income students attending a four year college. “Why Poor Students Struggle” by Vicki Madden displays many examples from hers and her colleagues experiences while providing statistics of the lower-income joining a four year college. The two articles both display the benefits of attending a four year college and that the education pays off. David’s article talked about the different education levels based on their test score before attending the university and the amount of income, while Vicki’s focused more on the income and the effects on grades of students while attending the college on low income. David also goes more in detail about the disadvantages of community college than Vicki’s description of community college. “College for the Masses”, in my opinion, had more intensive descriptions and examples on the benefits of starting in a four year university, rather than community college. David Leonhardt bases more of his articles on students similar test scores when starting in a university. In his article, he uses examples of two groups of students with generally the same score, but dividend on what college they attend because of a tiny difference. “Students who score 840 on the SAT, for example, or maintain a “C+” average in high school are admitted. Those who don’t clear the bar are generally rejected, and many don’t attend any four-year college” (Leonhardt). This

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