College Free Tuition Should Not Be Free

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College Free Tuition Education is one of the best ways to succeed; however not everyone has access to it and not everyone has the opportunity to have a degree. After high school a lot of students drop out because the college tuitions are too expensive; they can’t afford them. A couple weeks ago, president Obama came with a proposition in which to make community college free for students because more jobs will require a degree in the future. The program will concern the students who are serious. It means, in order to qualify, the students have to maintain a 2.5 grade point average C+, and they have to be full time and be able to transfer to a 4-years college. Other people believe that community college should not be free because of the following reasons; the program extends the welfare and encourages people to depend on government and not everyone needs to go to college. A study of the arguments will show that community college education should be free. According to Linda Conner Lambeck article, “The job expectation in the coming years will require at least an associate’s degree are projected to grow twice as fast as jobs requiring no college experience.”The United States needs more college graduates in other to improve the economy. So making the community college free for students it is one of the best ways to start growing the economy. If in upcoming years the country doesn’t have enough of educated people to fulfill the important place, it will be a disaster for the…
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