College Friendship Research Paper

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The College Experience: Friendships and Personal Growth From the moment you graduate high school, everyone including your friends, teachers, and parents, express how college is one of the most life changing experience you’ll ever encounter. You enter a world of new surroundings, faces, and education system. You’ve been preparing yourself since the first day of kindergarten to enter this new world. The purpose of college is identified as the preparation to guide one through the workforce and adulthood. College is the fundamental key to succeeding in your career. As a junior in college, I have acknowledged the manifest functions of college such as socialization, social placement, and other social agents. But there are also many things that are…show more content…
As crazy as it seems, I must say it has opened my eyes to who I want to be and how I will accomplish it. Being the new student in town can of course be scary; no friends or clue of where anything is located at. During my first month as a student here, I decided to look into social clubs and came across different sororities. I attended different events and finally decided that becoming part of an organization where I would focus on a philanthropy that worked on women’s wellness, it would help me grow as an individual. Being part of sorority, I have entered a world of diverse women who I can rely on. I’ve made friends who want to become doctors, teachers, and some that have the same interest as me, public relations. Making connections in my field, it has helped guide me to preparing the perfect resume for internships at companies such as Kate Spade, Latina Magazine, and Ralph Lauren. As a member of a sorority you learn to carry yourself in so many ways. I acquired the skill on how to balance school, work, and social life. It has also taught me how to get rid of one of my biggest fears, social speaking. While, in college you come across many new faces and
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