College Funds: The Leading Cause Of Poverty

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The world wonders why there is such a high number of people with only a high school education, or why there are so many people working at minimum wage jobs. In fact, one of the leading causes of poverty is lack of education. Increasing college funds help certain areas of society such as developing a more effective learning system, but because it is slowly becoming more dependent on college tuition, it is also a problem. Tuition is something that has to be paid, but continuously increasing the price is the reason for the steady growth of uneducated, impoverished individuals. Some people may have a wealthy background of family that is able to pay for college with no assistance, but there are others who have always struggled to get their needs. Yes, there are things that…show more content…
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Although poverty rates have decreased over the past 50 years, it is still a common issue all over the world today. One of poverty’s leading causes is lack of education, and one of the causes of the lack of education is that college funds are steadily increasing. Those who live in poverty often do not have job. The lack of a job or a job that pays little prevents one from living in a well-developed location, which makes getting a high paying job or an accelerated education harder. College funds cripple poverty rates. Its funds do not give those who live in poverty the opportunity to make their lives better.
Whether the outcome is good or bad, the increase of college funds will always have many effects on society. The increase of college funds strengthens education, but it doesn’t necessarily strengthen the economy. Often times, if the prices for college are too high and those who had intentions to attend college will not attend. The options to help pay for college funds are often taken for granted because they are not always heard of. Jobs are needed survival in today’s time.
Yes, going to college increases the opportunity for a job that pays well over minimum wage,
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