College Graduation Speech Outline

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A. How many years have you been in school? How many of you ever thought that once I enter college that I will have a lot of freedom? Have you ever considered how much your life will change once you enter college?
B. Many of you upcoming freshman probably think that college is the same school except you have more freedom, especially now that you are consider as an adult but your whole life changes completely from how you behave in front of people, or whom you talk to, but most importantly you become more responsible now since are now an adult.
C. As upcoming freshman, many of you are probably not aware of what we do in college, so it is important for me to explain to you what we do in college, as well as the
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c. This shift in the increase in responsibility is a huge contrast to high school teacher being responsible for keeping student responsible for their own assignment.
2. A student transition
a. Student becomes a more active learner due to the lack of teacher who are willing to provide all the information to student.
b. Student will realize in about a week or two that nobody will come to give them supports, instead you will have to go to people to ask for help.
c. This is a huge difference compared to life in high school where student tends to be a passive learner in high school because teacher in every class comes to help you without asking, like providing a study guide on test that way you know what to study for.
3. How student addresses teacher also as you make the transition from high school to college.
a. “Students are expected to say Dr. or Professor to teachers because of their credibility” (Klein & LaPolla “How College is Different from High School”).
b. It is also a sign of disrespect if students do not call them by those names.
c. On the other hand, students are expected to say Mr., Ms., or Mrs. to teachers in high school due to their degree of education, which is common difference between High School life vs College Life.
B. [Transition] Now that we understand
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