College Hiring Research Paper

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Young adults have attended universities since its first establishment. Individuals with any kind of economic background are able to attend college. Over the recent years, universities became costly. The expense of college, even exceeds regular salary. In fact, students who save up for college take a very long time. One can blame “evil” colleges for trying to “milk” students of their scholarships. While others declare that colleges with leftover money can reimburse students. Clearly, there can be multiple reasons and results. However, one can consider hiring effective staff. Therefore, the continuing rise of college tuition than salary can lead to hiring extra professors. By keeping this in mind, there could be other results.

The rising of tuition for college
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Students who work these jobs also can receive an income. In conclusion, multiple results may arise from high tuition compared to salary. Although there can be other reason to hiring extra professors.

Hiring more professors can emerge from colleges wanting to provide diverse majors and many other sources. College X requires several basic majors for students, although those fields of study lack diversity. If that university produces various majors, then employed professors can inevitably follow. A primary reason for the hiring professors can be the expansion of different majors. On a different note, employed professors can arise because of a colleges increasing admissions. Moreover, when a college possibly receives countless students like a state university, not all professors can accommodate, for it can be difficult. Also, extra professors may equal improved class scheduling. Waking up at eight o’clock in the morning can be gruesome.
By having more classes, professors may establish reasonable class hours. The act of hiring more professors may produce the need for diverse majors and other reasons. While referring to
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