College In The Modern Age. Throughout The First Unit We

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College in The Modern Age
Throughout the first unit we have explored the reasons as to why college may not be the best fit for some. I believe that, like a majority of children, I was raised on the basis that a college degree was needed to be successful. Many may think of higher education as a giant Ponzi scheme, where students are lured into the promise of receiving high-paying jobs due to the fact they attended University. Today I realize that a college degree isn’t a guarantee that you’ll be successful rather it is a way to gain the edge against peers. In this paper, I am going to further evaluate why college was the best fit for me, and how I came to that conclusion.
Foremost, obtaining an undergraduate degree was presented to me by
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I believe that we need someone to step in and provide the training that is required to high school counselors on other options besides college. Fortunately, enough I attended a high school where the counselors were trained on giving students other options besides college. A close friend who knew college wasn’t the right option for him was given information about different apprenticeships he could apply for after college. He is currently a welder and thinks that he has made one of the greatest decisions of his life.
Moreover, While I was in high school preparing to apply for college, I would often see some of my fellow peers struggling to figure out how they would fit the bill for University. As I first began to apply to the big-name universities I was noticing the very steep prices, with little financial aid help. I knew I could obtain various scholarships, however that isn’t the case for most students. Mike Rowe stated that “There is a trillion dollars in debt on the student loan side. That is over five-hundred times the rate of inflation it beats healthcare by over two-hundred and fifty trillion dollars.” I think that student loans are single-handedly the biggest opposition to many students attending University. In my personal opinion, many students choose to follow the things that they are passionate about, but
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