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College Interview Questions Most college interview questions are meant to help you and the interviewer find out if the college is a good match for you. Rarely will you get a question that puts you on the spot or tries to make you feel stupid. Remember, the college is trying to make a good impression too. Use the interview to show off your personality in ways that aren 't possible on the application. 1. Tell me about yourself. Im Romualda Heredia who really love silence place.Because of that people called me a very quiet person.That’s make me unique because of my silence,people got make mistakes in judging me.They think that I can’t do that and can’t do this but one day they are often surprise of my excellency.So im a typical…show more content…
Be specific when answering this, and show that you 've done your research. Also, avoid answers like "I want to make a lot of money" or "Graduates of your college get good job placement." You want to highlight your intellectual interests, not your materialistic desires. What specifically about the college distinguishes it from other schools you 're considering? 2"Why are you interested in our college?" Like many of the most common interview questions, this one seems like a no-brainer. After all, if you are interviewing at a school, you have presumably done some research and know why you are interested in the place. Nevertheless, some answers to this question are better than others. Your answer should show that you have specific and admirable reasons for attending the college. The following answers are not likely to impress your interviewer: "Your college is prestigious." "I 'll make lots of money with a degree from your college." "All my friends are going to your college." "Your college is convenient and close to home." "My counselor told me to apply." "You 're my safetly school." The interviewer is hoping that you are interested in the college for reasons other than peer pressure or convenience. Similarly, if you say you applied entirely because of a parent or counselor 's recommendation, you 'll be
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