College Is A Long Journey Of Self Discovery

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College is about the experience. That’s what my ESL teacher, Mrs. Cruz, told me when I was a sophomore in high school. And she couldn’t be more right. While at the time it sounded to me like a salesman trying to sell me an useless product, now I understand the idea of “college is about the experience” a lot more. Now I see what that really means, and that means, at least to me, that college is a long journey of self-discovery. While learning how to program, being proficient at Math and English are crucial to my major(Computer Science), the amount of self-exploration that going to college has enabled me to achieve has been just as vital to self -growth as academics. And I intend to extend and share with others this repository of myself at Rutgers University as much as possible. Think of this repository as being an encapsulation of three sections; transparency, identity, and connections. Filling in these sections with more knowledge is the personal and career goal that I intend to achieve by obtaining a Rutgers education. Transparency, when I say transparency, I am talking about being clear and honest about my point of view wether ‘am at school or work. Wether ‘am at school or work, being coherent and transparent with others seems like such a daunting task for me to do. I am not sure if it is because I came to the U.S. at the age of thirteen and my accented English might be difficult to understand, or because I need to be more succinct when I speak, which I’ve been

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