College Is A Long Journey Of Self Discovery

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College is about the experience. That’s what my ESL teacher, Mrs. Cruz, told me when I was a sophomore in high school. And she couldn’t be more right. While at the time it sounded to me like a salesman trying to sell me an useless product, now I understand the idea of “college is about the experience”. Now I see what that means, at least to me, college is a long journey of self-discovery. While learning how to program, being proficient at Math and English are crucial to my major(Computer Science), the amount of self-exploration that going to college has enabled me to achieve has been just as vital to self -growth as academics. And I intend to extend and share with others this repository of myself at Rutgers University as much as…show more content…
When I get a job as a software engineer, I’ll have to work with people because software is done by a team of people who are passionate about what they do, and thus I’ll have to be able to convey my ideas to them in a clear manner. Transparency, I want you so bad in my life. Rutgers is a big university with 40,720 students from all over the world. And by attending Rutgers, I will be almost forced to work with these amazing people with different backgrounds. ‘Am positive I will have to become transparent to communicate anything that I want them to understand. Whether it is by collaborating on a school project or by just interacting with one another because we are classmates, if I want people culturally different than me to understand what I am trying to convey, I will have to be transparent. Regardless of the reason that darkens my transparency towards others, I believe that going to Rutgers will make me more transparent and thus it will enable me to communicate with people in a more brief and consistent manner. Therefore, I can communicate with classmates, co-workers, and even business partners more clearly. Identity, believe it or not identity can impact me a lot as a software engineer. The fact is that as a software engineer one needs an identity. ‘Am not referring to the type of identity that says
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