College Is A Waste Of Time And Money

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“Leon Lefkowitz, chairman of the department of social studies at Dental High School in Valley Steam, New York, interviewed 300 college students at random and 200 of them didn’t think that the education they were getting was worth the effort.” (Bird 220). The idea of continuing education after graduating high school can be very questionable for some students. Many students side with Caroline Bird and her theory that education serves very little purpose in the job market in her essay “College Is a Waste of Time and Money”. But inevitably, students believe that post-secondary education is beneficial in their careers which are the views of Martin Luther King in his essay and article “The Purpose of Education”. In my own views, depending on the field you are getting into, post-secondary education is not needed to establish a successful career. Students should not think they will guarantee themselves their dream job if they decide to continue post-secondary education.
With the many financial circumstances that students can be involved with, a majority of them might not have the funds to afford this higher education which can be disheartening to those with academic potential. “If a 1972 Princeton-bound high-school graduate had put the $34,181 that his four years of college would have cost him into a savings bank at 7.5 percent interest compounded daily, he would have had a total of $1,129,200” (Bird 221). With this study, students can spend those four years and the money that
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