College Is A Waste Of Time And Money By Caroline Bird

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Secondly, individuals should feel compelled to value formal education over informal education because it provides them with more opportunities to higher-paying jobs. In “College is A Waste of Time and Money,” Caroline Bird demonstrates how formal education allows for opportunities to higher-paying jobs through her flawed perception of college. Bird argues that although many people believe college majors are required to find a successful job and is a good financial investment, in reality, students will most likely end up doing what is available rather than what they want, making college is a foolish investment. Instead, she indicates that college should be judged by whether or not it is fit for the student, instead of just succeeding to society’s standards. In the midst of exemplifying how money used for college would be better off in a bank and business investment instead of cummulating into debt, she claims, “In fact there is no real evidence that the higher income of college graduates is due to college. College may simply attract people who are slated to earn more money anyway; those with higher IQs, better family backgrounds, a more enterprising temperament” (Bird 4). Because Bird claims that there are no “real evidence” that connects higher income of college graduates and college, she suggests that formal education is not the reason for good-paying job opportunities, but rather that colleges “attract people who are slated to earn more money.” She uses logical appeal to
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