College Is A Waste Of Time Essay

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Going back to childhood, remember the times when parents and teachers would ask this particular question over and over again, “do you want to go to college?/ how many of you want to go to college?” It was a question that followed us throughout our lives as students. We live in a world right now where a collegee education isn’t precisely nothing, but has lost its value/worth. Some people will decide to work at a job that doesn’t require a college degree at all - military, janitorial jobs, movie star, etc. Many students don’t graduate and waste their money/ the government’s money. College is a choice rather than an action that determines your future and it can have downsides to it. College can definitely be a waste of time for those who want to work with a job of personal experience rather than intelligence. Some people don’t see themselves doing school anymore/ college isn’t meant for everyone, think of the non-post secondary occupations. Student loan debt is crippling towards college graduates'. It often forces college graduates to live with their parents and delay marriage, financial independence, and other adult milestones. Many people succeed without a college degree such as certain celebrities like the great Steven Jobs (world's richest person). Finally, college degrees don’t guarantee learning or job preparations. Still believe that a colleg
As for certain jobs don’t require a college degree, according to the Department of Labor, it states that as of 2008, 17 million
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