College Is An Exciting And Wonderful Time

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Going to college is an exciting and wonderful time. Not only does it teach us many things but there it has a lot to offer. Going to college is a very different experience and the challenges that go with being a college student can affect you. College is a huge step in life and many say that college will either make or break you. I believe this statement because college isn’t something that isn’t taken lightly, this is very serious and crucial to your future and education. While there may be fun adventures to college, there may also be hardships to come along the way. College affects you in three ways: emotionally, financially, and there are many benefits to being in college that will also affect your life.
Emotionally, college has a lot to provide. College students may get anxiety, of different types, depression, and may experience trauma. “Anxiety is a natural consequence of everyday stressful events. Many students experience some anxiety throughout their day; in some respects, it can help them navigate difficult situations. However, anxiety can also become severe, persistent and counterproductive” (Lehigh University). Anxiety is from all the stress built up from trying to do your best and exceed and prosper. College is very expensive and did you fail a class that is money down the drain. Failing test, over working your brain, the anxiety can build even more and lead into depression. “There are various ways our mood may change throughout the week. At times, we may feel…
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