College Is An Exciting Time For Incoming Freshman

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College can be an exciting time for incoming freshman, or at least that is what your family tells you. Beginning the journey into college brings a new sense of freedom, new living arrangements, new opportunities and a way to reinvent yourself. On average, 65.9% of high school graduates attend a college or university. (Norris, NYT) The number of jobs created increases daily and right now is the best time to begin a career that suits your interests and abilities, though most of these jobs will require some form of degree. Once you are handed your high school diploma, you have a few options; move on to a college or university, join the work force, or join the armed forces. Those who choose college face one of the most difficult yet rewarding parts of their lives, the transition period. The transition into college affects all college students in one way or another, the community it affects is college campuses, and it affects life due to the stress adjustment into college causes.
Transitioning from home life to college life is a very stressful time for most students. Stress, unfortunately, is overlooked when it comes to these students. The first year of college is where students face three main obstacles; academics, college life and adaptation.

Above all, academics is the hardest part of adjusting into college. More than likely, college classes are far more demanding than high school classes. In high school, classes were mandatory, teachers were always there for support even…
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