College Is An Opportunity That Changes Your Life

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A place were you can fulfill all your dreams in a span of two to four years...Filled with diversity, acceptance from others, and different environments...Online learning or learning in person...College sums up all of these different assumptions and options. College is an opportunity that changes your life no matter if it is a four-year college or a two-year community college. In some cases, you need to study certain majors in that you feel are necessary for particular careers. However, college may not be for you. Many of you would rather go into the army, instead of spending your time and patience in a place were you feel as if you don’t belong. College is a great option for some people, but is not always the route everyone should take. College is what you make of it, but not knowing your purpose of why you are in college is a issue. It 's time that people realize that college can make you or break you if you don’t know what you are after. College may be for those who know why they 're going to college. They have a general idea of what they want to do and will stop at nothing until it 's accomplished. People generally go to college with the passion of doing what they always dreamed of doing. College is more than just going to school to get a high paying job. College can help you meet other people, gain financial responsibility, figure out who you are as an individual, etc. In college, networking is very important because not only do you meet people who may have

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