College Is Becoming More And More Popular All The Time

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Christian Steinhauer Ms. Headley English IV 26 February 2016 College Colleges are becoming more and more popular all the time they are thriving in many different things, which include more applicants, more classes, and more ways to go to college. Someone can go to an actual campus, or just do it online. They are becoming more modern not just in America, but in the world, college is almost a necessity if someone want to do anything with their life where someone can further in life and not just stay at a job where. Consider all the positive things about going to college, it can help develop a resume, it can make college not as expensive, and someone can make it worth someone time by getting all the grades in everything someone need to get the job someone would want. Modern technologies and jobs are making it where college is almost necessary. In the web article, “What’s it worth?: The economic value of college majors,” declares that most students should go to college (Carnevale). There are many different reasons for a person to choose college in just the reason in to get a career not just a job. As well the school that someone intend matters as well in the magazine article “What does college teach” argues “This country has always looked to higher education to take the lead in innovation” (Hersh). So what Richard Hersh is stating in this article is that a college degree is needed to be a successful person with a good career in the future. College improves how much someone
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