College Is It Worth It?

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College, is it Worth it? Is college really worth the time and money? This is the question I am going to be exploring. While many people may have an idea that college is just an abundance of debt, other students argue that most of the information they learn doesn’t provide them with the value they thought it would (Adams 1). Many college students who grow up with the opportunity to go to college usually don’t stress the idea of going to school, but most students who don’t have the opportunity to go to school usually make school their priority. Students who don’t have the opportunity to go to school think this way because they want the opportunities they think they could have with a college education. I am deciding to argue about this topic because I grew up in a household that didn’t grow up with parents who stressed college, as a result, I am making a strong effort to get through college. Although college does have some disadvantages, going to college is worth the time and money because it provides critical thinking and opportunities for job advancement.
Getting college education is worth the time and money because it enhances the chances for individuals to become better critical thinkers. Not only is money at stake, but an opportunity to learn how to think critically is as well. Going to college has comprehensive benefits, becoming a better critical thinker as well as being able to demonstrate those skills through any career. Becoming a good critical thinker really has
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