College Is Like A Marriage

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College is like a marriage. You can marry a Christian, a non-Christian, or no one at all. Who you marry carries influence to shape you through a meaningful relationship. That is why it is so important as a Christian to marry someone who believes in Christ, so that together you can grow in your love for Christ and as a result, for each-other. Once you marry someone, regardless of religion you have two options. To live your days intentionally committed to growing, connecting, and learning with your spouse. Or to let your days pass, content with whatever comes along. The first takes commitment and effort, the second does not. In the same way you have the choice to attend a Christian, Secular, or no College at all. Where you choose to go…show more content…
Attending public high-school, was the closest thing I experienced to a secular Liberal Arts Education. I was in fellowship with others who were striving to become educated, in order to land a successful college career, and job after. It was all self-centered. Augustine concludes, “Furthermore, what profit was it to me that I, rascally slave of selfish ambition that I was, read and understood by myself as many books as I could get concerning the so-called liberal arts? (Augustine 74) Augustine fell into the easy trap when It comes to the pursuit of education. He was so focused on finding his self-worth in how many books he read, and how much knowledge he could acquire, that he forgot about Christ. He admits that he did not recognize the source of the knowledge, and that what he understood in the arts of grammar and rhetoric, of dialectic, geometry, music and arithmetic, was a result of God’s gift that he had of intelligence and keenness (Augustine 74). Augustine became one of the most influential writers of Christian doctrine after an education of the Liberal Arts. However, it was only after his long journey of faith that he used his education to glorify God’s kingdom. It was after he accepted Christ into his heart that he was able to truly benefit from his education. The Liberal Arts allows students to study a variety of subjects which allow for explorations. Forcing a student to check off the tiny Gen-ed
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