College Is More Social Than Academic?

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College life more social than academic? Buzz Bissenger opposes for college football to be banned because it has no academic purpose. He states that due to college football, grades start to drop, large amount of money is being spent, and activities that does have a high rate of graduating is being removed. Many students have gone to collage so they can get a higher and better education. What students don’t realize is, college can also be a distraction with a more social life and extracurricular activities. Activities can be from different types of sports such as football, softball, and baseball to clubs like dance, drama, and ceramics. In today’s society college life has become more about socialization than education. Due to more socialization activities, students are attending class less. Priority registration is given to students because of beneficial reasons. Students do not graduate within the four years as they had planned. College life is more about social than academics. With a social life students are attending class less, priority registration is given, and the years of graduation is slowly increasing. Even though a social life can have an upside to academics a college life has been more social than academic. There are many examples of why Cal State San Bernardino is considered a social school. At Cal State San Bernardino’s website, the first thing that popped up was a social event. The event was…
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