College Is More Than Just Getting A Degree At Go Get A Job

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Ethan Myers
Paideia Assignment
FYS Youth in Fiction and Film

I think college is more than just getting a degree to go get a job. If that was the main reason for college, online colleges would be much more mainstream and accepted. College is just as much a way to get a career as it is a bridge to help you transition from childhood to adulthood. For many students, college is the first time you are really away from home. You no longer have your parents around all the time, making sure you get all your work done on time and keeping you on the straight and narrow. On the other side, adulthood has none of those safety nets. Don’t do the work and you get fired; don’t pay the bills and you’re hungry out on the street. College is the stepping stone from that time of your life you have everything taken care of for you, to when you have to take care of everything yourself. If you don’t show up to class and do your homework, no one is going to come up to you and tell you to shape up. I intend to get a lot done in my time here at Capital. I am currently studying Financial Econ, and I plan to also start working on a double major in accounting in the fall. I believe that being able to become a CPA after my time here at Capital is a good idea. People always need accountants, and being a CPA greatly increases my chances for employment out of grad school. I realize that double majoring is a tall task, even if it’s in the same field. I know I’m going to have to work hard to make sure I get…
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