College Is Not For All But The Rich

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To many people, college is necessary when it deals with furthering one’s career - wanting to make the most out of it. With this students are required to pay for an education whether it 's out of pocket, scholarships, or other financial assistance. In Sandy Baum’s article “Myth: College is Unaffordable for All but the Rich,” she mentions the average price of college tuition for different types of colleges. She begins with the type of colleges, from community college to instate, public to nonprofit, and private colleges. Baum speaks about the “sticker” price - as in the price that is advertised on how much the school 's full tuition will cost. She then goes on to say that majority of people don 't even pay the sticker price because of scholarships and other financial assistance - loans, grants, etc. While it 's true that there are more scholarships than ever, college is nowhere near affordable to all because not every student - future or current - can get a loan to pay for his or her education, not all scholarships are easily attainable, and the price of college only rises causing financial burdens.
Since these opportunities are available then paying for college shouldn 't be a hassle due to the fact that no one really pays in full, meaning anyone can go to college without any financial problems stopping them. With this it 's easy to believe that college would still be affordable to all, but the truth is that isn’t necessarily true. Going to college will require one to give up
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