College Is Not For College

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After finishing high school people go through a dilemma on whether or not they want to continue their education. They could either go to college or begin working as just a highschool graduate. Going to college is a necessity. College takes four years and maybe another four years of studying. They is very little in comparison to an average 80 year lifetime. That’s not much time at all! College costs $20,000 - $30,000, college is like putting an investment into yourself and in hope that you’ll prosper and get a deserving career. Many jobs require special skills and that’s where college degrees come in. College brings many job opportunities, whether it be flexible or just high paying. Debt could easily be payed off if college is completed because of the better income.
The key aspect that many people would think about going to college is to just become more intelligent. This statement may be true because everyone goes through the same amount of schooling. Whether or not their learning ability is better or worse, everyone goes through the basics of schooling that everyone should know. First of all, college brings many job opportunities and a stability for yourself. With a higher level of education you can earn the ability to be able to switch jobs locations. A high school graduate is lucky to get a job, and them pushing it moving it around isn’t going to help. Meanwhile, a college graduate could switch job location from this continent to the next. Getting a job that grants you…

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