College Is Not For Everyone

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College Is Not for Everyone Joseph G. Valencia Hudson County Community College April 24, 2015 Bibliography with Summary Many people believe that education is the key to success. Hoping that if people finished college, they will land a good and stable job. Precisely, college degree has a huge positive impact for most people because employers will look at employees’ education and experience in their resumes to exceed their expectations. However, college is ineffective to some people yet many of them become successful in life. Typical example is the governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker who was re-elected twice from 2010 and 2014. He deliberated the top tier potential presidential candidate despite not having college degree (Koplowitz, 2014). Furthermore, he is currently using his life experience and ability to take advantage in the campaign. Talent, skill, and intellect are among the most important characteristics of individuals to become successful. Moreover, many young people join the military after high school to serve the country and save up money for future references such as going back to school or starting it as a career. Therefore, it is very significant for everyone if college is really for them or not because college can cost highly which may not exceed their expectations. Providentially, some alternative ways that people may apply to become successful in life besides going to college. Primarily, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, in October 2013, 65.9

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