College Is Not For Success

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College has always been the ideal pathway to success, but with the recent low job turnout rate of college graduates, there has been success in technical studies that shoot students straight into well paying careers. There are numerous jobs that do not need higher education and still make a considerable amount of money. Success is the favorable or prosperous outcome of determination and aspirations. College has proven unnecessary to success, the job market is uncertain and with the competitiveness of majors and the decline of jobs, going to college does not ensure students will get a job in their chosen field of study. The cost of college is steadily increasing and the return on the degree is decreasing in most fields of study, especially in art majors communications. College provides opportunity for undergraduates to explore career options and to figure out which direction they want to take their career. While some careers require you to have terminal degrees, college is often unnecessary to success because college degrees cannot guarantee jobs, vocational schools teach easily marketable skills, and many individuals can create their own opportunities for success without advanced degrees. Many college graduates struggle to find work or take jobs that do not relate to their major at all. There are many six-figure jobs that do not require a college degree. The average annual salary of pilots is $110,000, and with experience and ratings you can make more than twice that.…

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