College Is Not The Best Years Of Your Life

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College is NOT the Best Years of Your Life
I remember high school graduation like it was yesterday. The bitter-sweet feeling of completing the “rite of passage” in the eyes of most adults. All the exams, projects, and hard work over a four-year time span has now come to an end. Saying goodbye to those classroom friends, the kind of friends you would share homework answers with, but never actually heard from outside of school. It was not easy parting ways with the teachers that you built a personal relationship with as they prepared you for the next step of your life. Graduation night was emotional for everyone, all of the families crying tears of joy in the parking lot afterward knowing that their little babies have now grown up. All of the real, true friends that you grew up with are now going their separate ways for a few months, but don’t get too upset, you will see them very soon over Thanksgiving break. Although every graduate had a unique experience that night, I can guarantee each one heard some variation of the phrase “college will be the best four years of your life”. Most kids, including myself, believed those well-wishing individuals, but does that commonly used phrase have any truth to it?
In today’s society, the idea of college is portrayed by the media as a wild party scene where young adults struggle to receive an education due to their long nights spent partying. Most high school seniors were looking forward to the day they could move out of the house and…
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