College Is Not Worth Money

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Consider this statement: Is college really worth a student’s money? Depending on one's life experiences, background, living status, etc. the answer may come differently. Some people immediately view college as not being worth it due to money being tight or even that their parents didn’t attend. Just the tiniest aspects can change the minds of young adults. My parents, growing up in the ninetys, didn’t need to consider a four year college to prosper and support a family of five. However, now days with jobs being limited and harder to obtain it is almost a need to continue schooling after high school. Casey Bond, writer of “Why College Isn’t Worth The Money”, convinces her readers of false claims and steers students away from continuing on to a university. It is a proven fact, as stated in Bond’s article, that those who further their education after high school will earn more than those with just a high school diploma. Even one year dedicated to an educational institution after high school can make a world's difference. One should not throw the thought of college away; instead one should consider whether a two or four year is the right option for them. To make college worth the money people must live within their means and only take on what they can or are willing to. College comes with its benefits, so if the student population can be wise during those years, everything will work itself out in the end. Does the majority of the population believe that good

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