College Is Not Worth The Money And Time Essay

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College has been around for centuries and has always been the next step for those who want more out of life and a higher standard of living. This is still the case today it is just not as apparent due to the few billionaires and celebrities that didn’t go to college. College is worth the money and time because you will earn more money, make new connections, and get a more stable job. College degrees are more valuable than ever. College offers experiences you couldn’t find anywhere else and you find out who you are as a person. If you get a college degree you will earn more money. Yahoo Finance claims, “... $459 more per week than those with just a high school diploma” (Giordano 2). If you earn a college degree you will earn more thus increasing your standard of living and as a result makes college worth the effort and money. According to Time, “High school graduates earn about 62% of what those with 4 year degrees earn” (Weston 1). If one does not choose to go to college and just keep their diploma, they will earn almost half what others with a degree will earn. People who have a degree are struggling to keep their seat in the middle class, so those with just a diploma are almost guaranteed to be in the lower class. Some claim however, that many jobs that don’t require a degree earn just as much or more. According to Forbes, “High school graduates not only have the benefit of a four year head start in the workforce, they are blissfully free from…show more content…
People have a mindset in their head that if you don't attend college you will be a billionaire such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg yet the ratio of non college grads to billionaires or even millionaires is extremely low. College guarantees a spot in the middle class and will earn you a good living to support a family in these uncertain economic
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