College Is The Best Way For People

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College and Business
College is the best way for people to be successful. A famous journalist, Dan Rater has said, “A college degree is the key to realizing the American dream, well worth the financial sacrifice because it is supposed to open the door to a world of opportunity.” Many people feel lost after they graduated high school, they don’t know what challenge is waiting for them; and they have to make the toughest decision in their lives: either go to college or go to work, those two choices will completely change people’s lives. Education can improve people’s lives, and everybody can be educated by going to college; with no doubt, going to college will be the wisest decision people ever made. It is important to go to college.
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They don’t really care about the salary, most of them just want to explore their interest and develop their potential ability. Choosing the right major, especially choose the major that have the highest value is very important. Students have to take a carefully consideration before they decide to extend their intended major. As college students, if they choose the right major, that means they will steer their destiny and have a bright future. Otherwise, if people make an improper decision, they will not just waste their time and money in college, but also will ruin their lives and future by themselves. In the other hand, the number of people who choose business as their major is increasing, which means business is becoming more and more popular and many people start to realize the important of learning business. Business is an organization or system that involve the trade of goods and services. People used to relate the firms and companies to business, because the use of business is very extensive. One country import and export products to another country, during the process, it requires lots of people who have plenty of business skills; so that is one of the reason why many students choose business as their major. Business are becoming more and more significant for people, even the country. People use GDP to measure the economic status of countries; and people trade goods and services almost every day. The
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