College Is The Foundation Of Our Society And One Of The Major Industries

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Emma Wright

Education, the foundation of our society and one of the major industries in the United States. Through the diverse amount of views on postsecondary education there have been major debates on whether college is even worth attending. As small children you are often brought up to think of college as the ideal place for you to go after high school, without hearing the other large array of options, including enlisting in the military, and going straight into the workforce. However, does this mean that college is not worth going to? No, for many individuals it is the ideal place to learn, evolve and transfer into the working society. Getting a post secondary education helps you socially, economically, and physically to thrive as you advance into a lifestyle which you want to live. The benefits of going to college include a more secure financial lifestyle, more opportunity for jobs, a easier and stronger family life, better health, and countless other perks.
Going to college versus other options including going straight into the workforce can result in a smaller income and a less luxurious lifestyle, along with a larger chance of having to rely on government assistant programs, and a lower employment rate. There are many studies which have shown the decreased amount of money earned when you do not go to college. In 2014, the Huffington post wrote about the earnings gap between college and high school graduates reaching the highest point in 48…
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