College Is The Huge Cost

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There is no doubt that education has become very expensive. To get a well-paying and reliable job, citizens need to have a good education and qualifications. Students who wish to study at higher education levels are now finding it more difficult to decide about furthering their education. Studies have found that the primary reason young people are not attending college is the enormous cost. Nearly three out of four college graduates have borrowed loans to cover their tuition costs, running up a remarkable debt for each student. Attending and graduating from college is still one of the best financial decision citizens can make in their lives, but the persistent rise in costs have made college a progressively worse deal with each passing…show more content…
To achieve this proposal Texas will need to invest in community colleges and universities rather than making a profit on tuition loans paid by students. Eliminating student loan debt is the first step, but it is not the last. Allowing students to refinance student loans and drastically reducing interest rates students pay to borrow money is important. The state would rethink higher education’s purpose and prepare a program that grants two-year paid tuition supporting affordability for low and middle-class families whose income is at or below $60,000 in the state of Texas. With what the federal government spent on its various student aid initiatives last year, it could have covered the tuition bill of every student at every public college in the country. As a result tuition has had a devastating impact on educational opportunity. Katharina Ley Best, higher education finance and econometrics researcher, explains, “This comes as no surprise; college tuition prices increased by a staggering 326% between 1987 and 2007 (5.8% annually) (Bureau of Labor Statistics 2009).” Perhaps more importantly, this has turned higher education into a much greater financial gamble for marginal students not being able to pay for college tuition forcing them to drop out or possibly not even consider registering for classes. States kept slashing their funding for colleges and universities in 2012; in turn tuition kept on rising and more borrowers
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