College Is The Most Expensive Experience

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College is one of the most expensive experiences most people go through at some point in their lives. Going to college often results in a unspeaking amount of debt from students loans as a result of students being unable to financially pay the school off with their own income. So understandably there is a considerable amount of pressure one encounters when they have to choose a major. They have to choose a major that is going to guarantee them a financial future where they will not only have to rely on their parents for support but they can also pay off their loans after years of taking thousands of dollars to pay off their school. And typically in order to progress throughout college, especially in a field that ends with a career that pays quite well, one has to maintain a certain grade point average in order to properly progress through college. Now considering all of that previous information, if a student finds themselves in a class that is required by their major but is struggling to keep up with the curriculum, would it be to anyone’s surprise if the student cheated to get a decent grade in the class?
That is what our study explored, the attitudes students have when it came to cheating and plagiarism. We wanted to see the overall concessive when it came to the attitudes the student body had when it came to cheating. The purpose of this research paper was to see if there was a difference between student’s attitudes towards cheating and their respective school which…

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