College Is The Time Of Your Life

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Haakon Lovestad Dr. Van Bergen-Rylander 24 Nov. 2104 Every once in a while, one comes across the saying “college is the time of your life”, true enough, every person who has had the opportunity to attend college, regularly reminisces about the time they had. In all fairness, the time in college is indeed memorable. The reason as to why even Hollywood regularly releases movies with a theme and setting of college. What these movies inevitably end up doing is glamorizing the all things to do with college other than actually studying. In fact, in most instances, these movies glamorize parties, casual sex, drinking binges and use of drugs. To the high school teenager with raving hormones, this is a place to look forward to, which is if it ends up motivating them to the quests of higher grades. Nevertheless, parents and other stakeholders more so in the department of health are regularly wondering what exactly the place of sex in college is. (Bruce and Stewart) It is worth it to analyze the whole issue of sex with an open mind. The reason for this is that external influences cloud the perception of most regarding the topic of sex in relation to college. Society encourages modesty in matters relating to sex, ironically, the media is awash with sex if not explicitly, it is implicit. However, the common denominator to all this is the ever willingness of college girls to engage in sexual activity in a rather casual and care free manner. Therefore, it is within prudence to assume
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