College Is Worth It?

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There is quantitative data on both sides of the debate about whether or not college is worth it, but it’s hard to measure some of the pros of a college education in numbers. Most agree, however, that college enriches people’s life in some way that isn’t just financial. Through encountering different perspective and getting a liberal arts education, people become better citizens of the world. Or so the argument goes. In his essay, "Colleges Prepare People for Life", Freeman Hrabowski argues that everyone should attend college, not just for the financial benefits down the line, but to enrich their worldview and prepare them to become better citizens in the 'real world '. While I agree with his view that college is one path to becoming a…show more content…
They were never taught in a classroom to be tolerant, empathetic, and to give back to the community. Instead their education working with their hands in the real world among people of all different stripes and colors made them the people they are today. For example, my aunt married young and never got a chance to go to college. But through her work selling cosmetics from door to door, she has acquired incredible ‘people skills’ and a degree of open-mindedness that continues to amaze me. Nothing phases her— she’s met all types of people with all types of backgrounds and all types of reasons they ended up where they were. Once, she told me that if she got hung up on every small slight or difference in opinion, she would never get her job done. But that doesn’t make her apathetic or passive. She is well-known in her community as a bright, outgoing personality--a reliable person you can always talk to. I have watched her settle arguments, coordinate changes in living situations, and empower women to make better health choices, like some kind of social-worker-psychotherapist-marriage-counselor-superwoman. Without a college education, she gained all the skills and wisdom she needed through her experiences to make her community happier and healthier. Moreover, this view that college graduates are somehow better than the less educated is harmful. An increasing

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