College Is a Good Investment

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I call it ‘the work of my dreams’ for a reason. Like many people, I dream about having a decent future, the kind of work that will turn me on for a lifetime. I have been a big fan of the career, Physical Therapy. Physical Therapist plan, prepare, and carry out individually designed programs of physical treatments to maintain, improve, restore physical functioning, alleviate pain, or prevent physical dysfunction. Although it’s easy as it sounds, it needs a graduate degree to get there, and the studies are intense. When I was a kid, I’ve witnessed experts who work with patients one-on-one, and I saw them progress through treatment. It just caught my attention that these physical therapists really are making a difference in their patient’s …show more content…
In “Beyond One Size Fits All” Rosenbaum, Stephan, and Rosenbaum claim “withholding potentially discouraging information from youth appears to be a widespread societal problem” (2). People should be honest to themselves by not eliminating the wide variety of occupational fields that lead to good jobs with strong growth prospects.
Not everyone are academically ready to go to a four-year degree. “In some urban areas, the remediation rate is over 90 percent. One recent study found that only 29 percent of students referred to the lowest levels of reading remediation, and just 17 percent of those referred to the lowest levels of mathematics remediation, successfully completed their sequence of remedial courses” (Rosenbaum et al. 8). The section of the reading shows that many students do not successfully complete these remedial courses; this is alarming because there is eye-opening evidence that students who are inadequate in several subjects often fail to complete the remedial sequence and often drop out of college without earning a college credit. In addition to, many college staff, catalogs, and websites tend to downplay the placement test, students rarely prepare for this test before arriving at college. The placement test is very important because it will be the basis of Math and English, and the assessment results are to help the student with course selection. Placement test
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