College Isn 't For Everyone

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W.J. Reeves, a professor of English at the Brooklyn College of the City University of New York, offers his idea of college being too easy to access and with that low retention standards. He begins by stating that 15 million Americans attend college and of those 15 million, half should not be enrolled. Reeves believes that students entering college fresh out of high school are not ready for the challenges college will bring to them due to grade inflation while being in high school. He also argues against colleges in regards that they do not influence one 's ability to expand their intelligence and readiness for the workforce.
In "College Isn 't for Everyone," W.J. Reeves argues that colleges have become too easy to enter and students show a lack of drive to succeed once enrolled in college. Reeves believes colleges should raise expectations when accepting students into their schools, and the students admitted continue to demonstrate responsibility during the years spent at school. He points out colleges have lowered the bar when it comes to admissions due to the fact that a college cannot exist without a funding source. Reeves argues against unwilling matriculations by drawing your attention to the fact those students are not ready for college. Reeves is specific on the areas where students are slacking most in. He cites another professor 's experience with a student where the student informed the professor of a very elaborate excuse as to why they had not come to class. He…

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