College Learning Reflection Paper

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The transition from high school learning to college learning is a big change. We are taught to remember and recall information, but never actually analyze and create. There are many factors that can determine whether or not you are cut out for college learning. Even if high school was hard for some college learning might be there specialty. Especially if your like me and prefer hands on learning. I have experienced that classroom learning is not the proper way to learn, and it is difficult to switch from memorization to interactive college learning. This is due to the fact that in college learning you are given so much more freedom to pass or fail on your own, while in high school you are guided and hand held by most or all of your teachers. I plan to make the learning transition by following a couple simple disciplines I set for myself. I will make studying my first priority, keep a clean clear mind so that I will have no distractions, take as many notes as needed, and interact more with classmates and professors. By following these simple rules I should make it through the transition without falling behind.
To properly make the switch from high school learning to college learning I have made a list of my weaknesses and strengths. I realized that I have always put my hobbies in front of studying because in all honesty I have never liked studying. I personally would rather go fishing with friends than read, write, or study. I see that when college comes that will not work. As much as I hate to admit it my time will have to be focused more on working for a good education and hopefully one-day a career. “For the average student, they can expect 4-6 hours of time studying each afternoon or evening.” I spend on average 2-3 hour studying for high school and pursue my hobby of fishing for at least 3. It is proven that having a hobby or something that you enjoy will help you mentally and physically through college, but “Good planning is effective in the case that one has to balance between their hobbies and the assignments allocated during class sessions.” I plan to change my habits and mindset about school.
To stay in the “game” or keep myself in check I will stay out of any relationships that may cloud my mind
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