College Life and Alcohol Essay

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College Life and Alcohol A while back I was involved in a small gathering in my own dorm room where the consumption of alcohol was taking place by many college students under the legal drinking age limit. Although I was not drinking, the fact that I was socializing and allowing this to take place in my room put me under the position of a facilitator. This position is just as problematic as if I were to actually consume alcohol myself. The residential life handbook states that alcohol consumption in the dorms must involve only people above the legal drinking limit and may only be done behind closed doors in the dorm room. The reason for this rule is the topic at hand. The student handbook discusses many concepts regarding alcohol …show more content…
I admit to, and have taken responsibility for my actions ever since it first occured, but what is not as clear cut is the definite severity of my actions. Many would argue that any normal friend would not tell a group of people involved in the consumption of alcohol in their room to stop it because it is awkward and may cause tension between you and friends. Well, this is all true but the reality is that no one has control over alcohol, and although there are many arguments that say "well I can live my life well and become who I want to be, with a few drinks every now and then." And this is true. However, it does not add anymore than it takes away and in that respect is more of a burden than a benefit. I am not against alcohol. I choose not to drink for reasons beyond anyone, and maybe that it why I dont do it. But the thing that I do admit to is that my choice to not drink only makes it easier to live my life because it is one less thing that I have to worry about, and no one can deny that there are worries with alcohol. Every year college students spend $5.5 billion on alcohol which is more than the money spent on books and food per year. This is amazing to think that someone could have negative effects regarding alcohol, troubles and worries, but then say "well its okay cuz I spend a lot of money on it." A more frightening statistic is that nearly half of all college students are binge drinkers. This means that there are a great deal of people trying
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