College Life and Stress

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In the research article by MacNair and Elliott, it is stated that college students are more prone to stress (D’Zurilla & Sheedy, 1991) because of the transitional nature of college life (Towbes & Cohen, 1996). The main contributing factors to the stress is being away from home for the first time, trying hard to maintain academic achievement and adjusting to a new social environment. How they handle the stress will affect the way they make decisions and solve problems that arises as they go through college life. A scale called the Student Stress Survey, which is a questionnaire of 40 potentially stressful scenarios, is used to determine the sources of stress. According to the article, there are five main sources of stress. A change in sleeping habits, vacations/breaks, changes in eating habits, new responsibilities and increased work load. The outcome of stress may depend on its source and the severity. Stress among college students is a major problem, impacting their overall health. Students, especially the freshmen’s, who are expected to handle difficult academic workloads at a faster pace while adapting to new social situations. A study done by Paul D. Welle and Helen M. Graf (2010). is to determine the effectiveness of lifestyle habits and coping strategies on stress tolerance among college students. Those who have a habit of exercising tend to be able to handle stress better. The test is conducted using cluster sampling which is recommended for sampling intact groups as
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