College Management System

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Computerized college management system is developed to facilitate the general administration system to manage the various information of student and employees involved in college. So, that college can access accurate information quickly and easily as and when required, thereby improving its operational efficiency and effectiveness. 1.1Problem Statement In case of manual system they need a lot of time, manpower etc. Here almost all work is computerized. So the accuracy is maintained. College Management System mainly deals with Employee Profile, Payroll Management and Fee collection which can be managed by the Admin. 1.2 Objectives • Create employee details,…show more content…
3.2 Requirement Specification 1. Functional Requirements ➢ Admin will create all employee details with their photos ➢ List all the details of employee ➢ Store and Display the workshops conducted by the employee ➢ Calculate the employee salary and display ➢ Store and display the fee details of students 3.2.2 Non-Functional Requirements • Availability - System must be available for the working hours. • Price - Cost is less. • Usability – It should be friendly to use and access different pages. User interface should be good. • Scalability- It should support at least 5000 users. • Performance- It should be tested and maintained properly. • Reliability- Software reliability brings up the concept of modularity. A package with a high degree of modularity has the capacity to operate in many machine configurations and perhaps across manufacture product lines. 3.3 Hardware and Software Requirements Software Requirements • Front End : ASP • IDE :Visual studio 2005 • Language :C# • Back End : MS Access • Operating System : Windows XP Hardware Requirements • PROCESSOR : Pentium – IV • RAM : 512MB • HDD :20GB CHAPTER 4 SYSTEM DESIGN AND ANALYSIS 4.1 System design Design is an important step in the development of
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