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Department of Psychology
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Georgia Southern University

Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 1101 Section A
CRN: 81072 (3 credit hours)
Fall 2015

OFFICE HOURS: Monday and Wednesday 1:30 – 3:30 (or via appointment as well; my door is always open)
OFFICE: 2035 Brannen Hall
CLASS LOCATION & TIME: Carroll Building 2268; MWF 12:20 – 1:10

Required Texts:
Bernstein, D. A. (2014). Psychology: Foundations and Frontiers (10th Edition). Cengage Learning: Boston, MA.

Course Description:
• In the most general terms, psychology is the study of the mind and brain. It is a broad subject, and this course is designed to briefly touch on many areas of the scientific study of psychology. These areas include: biological, cognitive, social, learning, clinical, and development, among others. Specifically, we will be addressing “Why do people behave and think the way that they do?” Class meetings will elaborate on topics presented in the readings and will also present new information not found in the text. This course is designed to promote active critical thinking skills. If you have any questions or concerns as the semester progresses, please feel free to make an appointment to meet with me or come to office hours. I am available via email as well.

Course Goals and Outcomes:
Bachelor of Science Psychology Program Learning Outcomes:
• STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOME #1 Diversity: students will recognize and respect the…

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