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To many high school students, college seems like a far away land, a mysterious place where everyone wants to be yet not many know how to get there. As children, our parents tell us how much time we have to think about college, and that it is too far down the line to think about. The truth is it is never too early to think about your future. I, like many people, put little thought into my future career and now am lost in an unfortunate mix of indecision and anxiety. Not knowing where you want to be in the future is a hard burden to bear. Many of us tend to find out that we only know what we do not want, not what we actually do want. Do we want to be poor? Absolutely not. Do we want a boring job? Of course we don’t. We all want our…show more content…
Pharmacists make, on average, $111,570 per year. To become a pharmacist in the United States, one must receive a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, referred to as a Pharm.D, and being certified by passing board exams ( To be accepted into a Pharm.D program, one must complete at least two tears of undergraduate study (, while some attain a Bachelors degree in a science to better their abilities. These courses include biology, chemistry, and calculus, among others. I think I would make a good pharmacist because I have always had an interest in medicine. I also love helping people and doing things for others. As a pharmacist, I would be able to study and work with medicine while helping people understand their sicknesses, manage their health, and improve their overall quality of life. The feeling that you just helped a person with a problem is very satisfying, and is having the ability to save someone’s life is more gratifying than any amount of money made.
To have the abilities necessary to help people, a good education is paramount. After looking at many schools, I found the University of Pittsburg, commonly referred to as Pitt. Pitt is located three miles away from downtown Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. It is a large school, with 18,427 total undergraduates. The average age of students is 20 years old. Pitt is considered to be somewhat selective, accepting approximately 58% of applicants. Pitt’s tuition is
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