College Preparatory School : An Exciting Period Of Growth

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Why would a school that prides itself on being “engaged in an exciting period of growth” (Carney, Sandoe & Associates, 2013, para. 3) and “operating under the slogan “Four Campuses in One Great School” (Carney et al., 2013, para. 2) make the decision to close two of its campuses? Rancho Solano, a for profit college preparatory school, recently made the decision to close two locations leaving parents, students, and faculty wondering why. According to Dr. Menard, head of the schools, consolidating the four schools into two would allow for the continuation of a global education while streamlining resources in a “changing market” (Creno, 2014). Dr. Menard and the Meritas family are ultimately responsible for the success of the schools.…show more content…
The specific environmental forces include the students, their families, and faculty. The general environmental issues have put strain on the Gilbert and Hillcrest campuses because “keeping a private school in business and expanding can be a challenge. Enrollment in private schools has declined about 9 percent in Maricopa County in the past five years, from 21,434 to 19,535, according to the Maricopa County Education Service Agency” (Creno, 2014, para. 34). With a decline in enrollment, the campuses have not been utilized to their fullest capacity. Additionally, these campuses are expected to lose 100 students to local competitors (Creno, 2014). While this may be inconvenient for the families and staff that currently attend and work at these campuses, consolidating the schools into two could prove to be beneficial in the long run. Despite the anguish caused, it is of the opinion that Dr. Menard and the Meritas family made the most viable decision for not only the future of Rancho Solano but for the future education of their students. Closing a school is not an easy decision and should not be made lightly or without much consideration. While the decision to close the Gilbert and Hillcrest locations would ultimately have beneficial long-term effects, the manner in which the Meritas family and Dr. Menard went about the closure was imprudent. The process followed was not well navigated and lacked a sense of social responsibility.
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