College Preparatory School : An Exciting Period Of Growth

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Why would a school that prides itself on being “engaged in an exciting period of growth” (Carney, Sandoe & Associates, 2013, para. 3) and “operating under the slogan “Four Campuses in One Great School” (Carney et al., 2013, para. 2) make the decision to close two of its campuses? Rancho Solano, a for profit college preparatory school, recently made the decision to close two locations leaving parents, students, and faculty wondering why. According to Dr. Menard, head of the schools, consolidating the four schools into two would allow for the continuation of a global education while streamlining resources in a “changing market” (Creno, 2014). Dr. Menard and the Meritas family are ultimately responsible for the success of the schools. However, they compromised their integrity with the decision to close its Gilbert and Peoria campuses. Though the decision may be beneficial in the long run, the manner in which it was handled was insensitive, imprudent, and lacked compassion,.
In order to be successful, organizations need to maintain their competitive edge by analyzing their general and specific environments and develop a plan that will be most beneficial for the well-being of the company. General environments include factors such as politics, economy, socio-cultural, technology, and legal matters while specific environments consist of those with whom they interact (MGT-420 Lecture, 2011). In reviewing the situation, the general environmental issues facing Rancho Solano…
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