College Program Entry Essay: Sociology and Childhood Education

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My attraction to this course is rooted in the fascination I have for sociology; I am captivated by its ability to make me see life more critically and impartially. For me, Sociology uses engaging ideas linking with my interest in the structure of society and its influence on our actions, as these topics are applicable to everyday life. Learning about the inner workings of society is something I enjoy and I find various sociological theories interesting and thought provoking; I take pleasure in applying theories to real-life situations, allowing me to develop ideas using my own initiative. My choices of A-levels have taught me key skills for this course; Sociology has enabled me to take a critical approach when assessing information and has taught me the skill of supporting my perspective. I have achieved analytical skills by evaluating different theories and weighing up their relevance in explaining today’s society; allowing me to develop my sociological imagination. English Language allowed me to carry-out independent research into how children develop linguistically. Through this, I have achieved knowledge on how to collect relevant data, apply theory and reach a conclusion. The investigation has provided me with research skills which built my confidence for working independently. It has given me the capability of examining different text and enables me to unpick its meaning or purpose, which will help me when analysing secondary data from sociological studies. From my
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