College Readiness Course For Single Moms

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College Readiness Test - Lesson 1 COLLEGE READINESS COURSE FOR SINGLE MOMS Subject line: College Readiness Course For Single Moms (Welcome + Lesson 1) Hi, Thanks for signing up for the college readiness test for single moms. This is a great first step, and I’m so grateful you are here. I applaud you not only for thinking of going back to school, but for recognizing the importance of planning and preparation before enrolling in college. This is a five lesson email course spread over ten days. After this email, you will get the next one the day after tomorrow. You will receive a lesson every other day until the end of the course. Don’t forget to download your free worksheets to go with the course at ……………………… Are you ready? Let’s go. LESSON 1: What’s your goal for your education? What’s your why? The decision to go back to school is an important one since it could be the difference between living in poverty or creating a financially stable life for your family. In this course we are going to look at some things you can do to set you up for success. Before you enroll in college and invest time and money in your education, it’s important to clarify a few things. First what’s your goal for your education? Why do you need a college degree? Don’t assume this is a silly question. A lot of students attend college every year without having a clear goal or purpose for their education. A telltale sign of this is when you see college students changing their majors,
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