College Retention And Graduation Rate

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Colleges and universities are experiencing an increase amongst prospective students who have a desire to achieve a higher education. Alternatively, colleges and universities retention and graduation rate are declining tremendously. The lack of students success rate throughout college sole depends on the student’s early childhood education as well as the support from his or her new family. For many, attending college is understood to be the place where you begin to take the first step towards being successful and grow into who you are suppose to be in life. On the other hand, some people tend to become impatient with the four to five year waiting period it requires to complete college and start making money. In order for to increase the retention and graduation rates, educators must set the expectation for higher learn at an early age.

Educators must help students establish a solid foundation in the realm of education when students begin school in their prime. If teachers are not urging students to be passionate learners and analytical thinkers, they are ultimately setting them up for failure. To a child, there is nothing exciting about going to school for seven to eight hours a day. The least educators can do it make it worth their time as well as the students time by constantly pushing them strive for the honor roll and rewarding them when they achieve such goals. Educators should also hold themselves and the parents accountable if students are not excelling
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