College Round 2 Essay

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College Round 2 “As many as one in three first-year students won't make it back for sophomore year” (“Freshmen retention rate”). It just so happened that I followed that statistic. Many colleges do not care much if students drop out or flunk out once their tuition checks have been cashed (Los Angeles Times).Growing up in a very strict household and attending private Catholic school, I was ready to spread my wings and fly. I was looking forward to that independence, my own rules and living on my own. I was enthusiastic to get started on my college journey. In my mind, I was about to live the dream. I would experience my own place to live, no rules, and get to hang out with friends! Oh, and college, too. I was not prepared to be so distracted…show more content…
Young adults are now living on their own, having to balance money and to pay rent, and to have the discipline to get up for school with no one making you. The people at college were there because they wanted to be. I, unfortunately, did not want to be, so I made it apparent in other ways. Having that new found independence does not have to be a bad thing. For me, I would skip class because no one made me go. I would stay out to the late hours of the night because no one told me I had to be home. I would make poor choices because I would not listen to anyone. For me, my new found independence did not work out so well. I was young, naive, and careless. Now I am smarter. No one is paying for me to be in college. I am. No one is forcing me to go; I want to be there. I want to make something of myself and not have this guilt hang over my shoulders anymore. I want to say I have a degree and be the best role model that my children can have. I may not have “new” found independence, but I had the courage to finally forgive myself and try again. It took me many years to convince myself to go back to college. Am I too old now? Am I smart enough? I finally had to put all my doubts aside and give this college thing another try. I am different now. I am older and wiser, and this is my
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