College Should Be A Training Base For High School Degree

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My dad always said, the higher education changes his life trail. When he was in high school he’s grade was dragged by English, although he was good at sciences, his GPA was debased. My grandparents urged him to find a job after he graduated high school immediately, but he thought he should master a specific professional skill to apply for a better occupation in the future. He didn’t listen to my grandparents, he attended to an entrance examination of a medical university and became a dentist after he graduated from university. He firmly believed that if he didn’t go to the college, he would still work in a factory or became a farmer like his parent. College should be a training base for the students who have the demand of acquiring higher…show more content…
Their employers still choose college grads over non-college grads on the assumption that more education is better than less” (Reich). In addition, two professors of sociology at the CUNY---Paul Attewell and David E. Lavin offered a finding of the income disparity of the sample between college goers and high school grads shows: “On average, the C or worse students who attend community college were earning between 13 percent and 15 percent more than their counterparts who only finished high school” (Attewell and Lavin). The descriptions from above scholars have a similar point; the employment trend of the labor market defines that college grads have more advantages than the high school grads when they apply for a job, they are in an ascendant position in the employment competition. College grads obtain higher economic benefit than high school grads.
In addition, the college grads have more choices on occupation field than the students who are in a lower education degree. The students who graduate from colleges have the basic liberal art knowledges to learn theoretical basis of another new career. They are easier to achieve the goal if they intend to attempt other occupations. A reporter and online columnist named Jay Mathews, who works in Washington Post claims: College graduates earn considerably more money over their careers than non-college graduates. They have more
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