College Should Be Free

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Why College Should Be Free

Do you think college should be free? This question is more relevant now than it has ever been. I think we can all agree that education is a huge factor in Americans lives and it will determine a lot in our futures. College affordability is one of the biggest concerns among people. When the cost of college or universities is too high, a lot of people decide not to pursue a higher education, which makes it harder to find good employment. There used to be a time that people could attend public colleges for free. The Morrill Act enabled colleges to be created on federal lands so that higher education would be available for Americans in every social class. Students used to be able to attend public land-grant colleges without having to pay any tuition. But as the enrollment grew, so did the funding requirements which eventually led to public colleges charging tuition. Today, the cost of attending colleges or universities is so high that most students can't afford to. A lot fewer students from lower income families attend college than students from higher income families. This leaves more people from lower income families uneducated which can lead to no job or a low paying one. In 2015 alone the amount of student loan debt was estimated to be about $1.3 trillion. This is about 39% higher than it was just four years before. Student loans are the most dominant type of financial aid and a lot of students rely on it to help them pay for college. In

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