College Should NOT Be Free

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Universities and colleges should let students who cannot afford tuition attend for free. Higher education may put those attending into future debt that may be difficult to pay back. Many students struggling with affording payments may experience schedule conflicts between work and school. Providing free tuition not only helps the citizens of America to have a better future, but also helps the country. The price to receive a degree can be very expensive for many people who cannot afford it. Students who pay for their own tuition might come from a family where saving money for college was not an option. Many families lean towards taking out loans to cover tuition cost. Taking out a loan can be very complicated with the high interest that is added when paying it back. At the time parents or students decide to take a loan out, they do not think about how they will repay the debt. After receiving a degree many people find themselves trapped because finding a job to pay the loan back can take a while if at all. Another option is for the student to work as well as being a full time student. Students quickly find that trying to manage time between work and studying can be difficult. Many students who work and go to school find themselves always rushing to get things done not giving complete effort. Also, working can have a negative…show more content…
Growing up, my family was a middle class working household not having enough to save for a college trust fund for me. I wanted a better future for myself, so I decided to pay for my own education. In the beginning I could not manage being a full time student and full time employee, so I failed many of my classes. Eventually, I was forced to decrease my work hours and cut down on my spending as much as I could. If my tuition was free, I would have more time to study and be a better student instead of struggling to pay for
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